Need… to.. check… the whole… dash

Need… to… sleep… for… a… we…eekk…..



Sigh. Something happened to my router, apparently. I can access internet by modem, but it doesn’t work in wireless mode - there is a “no internet access” notification on the wireless icon and upon trying to fix the connection, it diagnoses it with ‘there seems to be a problem with a DNS server’.

We already tried changing the assigned IP addresses (which works for several minutes and then goes back to not working) and resetting router settings. Nothing helps.

Maybe it’s related to this:

1. note down your router’s IP settings (without DNS)

2. do a factory reset

3. change LAN ip to something “non-standard” like

4. use noted WAN ip settings

5. set DNS to and

6. change password to something totally random

7. update firmware to the latest version

Hello! I'm on mobile so short ask here, but I really like your blog! Hoping to discuss some SU with you someday, since there is some golden speculation in here. *waves hi*


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